* 1/288th Scale Nebulon B Frigate, Flight II, kit-bash & scratch
* 1/400th Scale Millennium Falcon from F-Toys, re-weathered
* 1/327th Scale Millennium Falcon, Revell kit, modified, refinished
* 1/246th Scale Millenniun Falcon and Rebel Transport, MPC kit, modified, lighted
* 1/72nd Scale Fine Molds Y-Wing diorama
* 1/72nd Scale A-10A Thunderbolt II
* 1/16th Scale R/C Bell UH-1N Twin Huey Conversion.
* 1/600th Scale Ocean Liner R.M.S. Titanic
* 1/72nd Scale Lockheed C-130H Hercules
* 1/144th Scale Lockheed C-130H Hercules
* 1/72nd Scale Boeing KC-97L Jet Boosted Tanker
* AT-ST, Weathered Version, cardstock
* 1/200th Scale B-52G Stratofortress
* 1/12th Scale ACES II Ejection with helmet
* Enterprise Half Ship Display from the ERTL kit.
* Ferengi Marauder from Three Piece Set
* Klingon Bird of Prey from Three Piece Set
* Klingon D-6 - Scratch built, cardstock
* Klingon K'Tinga - Scratch built, cardstock
* Klingon K'Tinga, Large - Scratch built, cardstock
* 1/2500th Scale Borg Tactical Vessel


* Art Applewhite's Mark I Viper flying rocket


* 1/65th Scale Canadian Schooner - Bluenose III, heavily modified kit
* 1/77th Scale Millennium Falcon, MPC kit, heavily modified, custom lighting
* 1/144th Scale Space Shuttle, Revell kit, modified, custom decals
* 1/18,600th Scale Babylon 5 Station, modified, custom decals
* 1/2500th Scale Romulan Warbird from the Three Piece Adversary Set, modified, fiber optics
* Various Scale Star Trek: The Original Series Ships, AMT kits, modified, custom decals
* 1/8th Scale Cessna 182 Skylane
* 1/700th Scale Battleship U.S.S. Alabama
* Scratch Built Battlestar: Galactica with lighting
* 1/96th Scale Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate U.S.S. Ford, FFG-54, 6 Channel R/C
* 1/2400th Scale Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Ronald Reagan, CVN-76
* Millennium Falcon - Scratch built, cardstock
* Millennium Falcon - Scratch built, with Lights
* 1/4222nd Scale Star Destroyer, MPC kit, Modified, Fiber Optics
* 1/72nd Scale U.S.A.F. T-38 Talon Trainer
* Standard T.I.E. Fighter from the MPC kit
* 1/16th Scale R/C M41A3 Walker Bulldog Light Tank
* 1/35th Scale X-Wing Fighter Scratch/cardstock

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to have your work displayed on this site, I would be happy to post it. I would like to limit this reader's gallery to mostly large scale, scratch built pieces, so try to keep submissions under the heading of a true Sirius Replica. E-mail your photos along with a description of how you built it by Submitting Gallery Photos and Text. Sirius Replicas reserves the right to edit content. Humor is encouraged, but let's keep it clean. Thanks.

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