1/72nd Scale Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer Hull - SOLD! - $555.00

This is a scratch built, 1/72nd scale Arleigh Burke Class AEGIS Guided Missile Destroyer panel-on-frame. A 1/700th scale model of DDG-51 is complete and was used as a reference. An Italeri, 1/72nd scale, SH-60 Seahawk helicopter is also complete. The hull was built using some of the same methods as my 1/96th scale Frigate, FFG-54. The photo to the left is the actual ship. I used a coat of polyester resin on the inside of the hull, and then applied a liberal coat of gloss white epoxy enamel, so the hull is sealed very well. The exterior is also resin coated and primed.

Photo: CAD plans, hull

Photo: Keel laid

Photo: CAD sections done

Photo: Sonar, roughly shaped

Photo: Flight deck frame

Photo: Main deck frame

Photo: Frame taking shape

Photo: Under construction

Photo: Adding basswood sheets

Photo: Hull taking shape

Photo: Exterior polyester base-coat complete

Photo: Overall starboard side

Photo: A 1/72nd scale SH-60 helicopter, Under construction

Photo: Completed SH-60, front view

Photo: Completed SH-60, right side

Photo: Completed SH-60, top view

Photo: Completed SH-60, rear view

Photo: Completed SH-60, Left side

Photo: Completed SH-60, bottom view

Photo: Hull interior, white epoxy coating

Photo: Again, looking aft

Photo: Completed SH-60, starboard side

Photo: Completed SH-60, port side

Photo: Completed hull, port side

Photo: Display stand

Photo: Completed hull, bottom view

Photo: Completed Hull, stern

Photo: Completed hull, starboard side

Photo: Completed hull, cutouts, interior, flight deck removed

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