1/96th Scale U.S.S. Ford FFG-54 - SOLD! - $3,450

For everything, there is a first time� This is my scratch-built, 1/96th scale, radio controlled, Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigate U.S.S. Ford, FFG-54. This big girl certainly falls under the heading of a Sirius Replica. Construction began in late 2002, and she was virtually done in early 2005. I think it took me longer than the full scale version (of course, this was working off-and-on). I started with frame and basswood panel hull, and then applied 3 coats of polyester resin. The superstructure is balsawood and basswood laminated over with thin polystyrene plastic. I scratch-built masters of some of the small detail parts and then resin cast them; a first for me. The only things that are not made from scratch are the railing stanchions, (a first and last time for me, threading all that wire was tedious, so I�ll be using pre-formed railing in the future), and the 1/100th scale, (close enough), SH-60 Seahawk helicopter was a kit from MRC Kangnam. She is completly RTR. The photos below illustrate the various stages of construction.

March 2, 2017 update:

Photo: Ready to Roll!

Photo: Sveta, Me & FFG-54

Photo: Behind Glass

Photo: Sveta, Me & FFG-54

Link: U.S.S. Ford is now on display at the Hangar Bay Cafe and Gallerylocated near Mayport Naval Station, Jacksonvile, FL.

Photo: Early Construction

Photo: Baby on Board

Photo: Adding Detail

Photo: Ready for Paint

Photo: Closer Shot

Photo: Navy R.I.B.

Photo: Starboard Angle

Photo: Forecastle

Photo: Aft Superstructure

Photo: Flight Deck

Photo: Boat Deck

Photo: Forward Superstructure

Photo: Tower Details


Photo: Port side

Photo: Starboard side

Photo: Starboard bow angle

Photo: Starboard, flight deck

Photo: Forecastle

Photo: Bridge

Photo: Boat deck

Photo: Mast details

Photo: Aft Superstructure

Photo: Flight deck

Photo: Starboard, flight deck

Photo: Aft Superstructure

Photo: Mast details

Photo: Forecastle

Photo: Port side, higher

Photo: On the Pond, Bow On

Photo: Port Side, Anchored

Photo: Underway!

Photo: Serenity

Photo: Nice Silhouette

Photo: Heading Out

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