1/72nd scale and 1/144th scale C-130 Decal Patterns - Price $1.99 for the hi-resolution image

I created these decals in AutoCAD and added color in Photoshop. They are designed after the current USAF Air Mobility Command paint and emblem scheme. They were originally designed for the Texas Air National Guard C-130s from the 136th Airlift Wing here in Fort Worth, but the basic ensignia can be used for most USAF, ANG or Reserve aircraft. The image shown here is the high-resolution sample. You will receive, via e-mail, the unobscured file that may be printed on decal sheets for any scale up to 1/72nd.

Price - $1.99, no tax, free shipping.

Free Download: Hamilton Standard Logo (hi-res)

Free Download: United States Flag (hi-res)

Link: Article showing decals applied to completed model.

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