An Imperial AT-ST "The Ewok Stomper" - SOLD! - $48.00

This is a paper/scratch built All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST). The original designs for this piece of armored poultry were downloaded from SF Paper Craft. I converted the pdf files into jpg files, took them into Photoshop and did some extensive weathering. There are three 8 X 11 part sheets, and it took about 20 - 30 minutes per sheet to get all the dirt and battle scarring done. Some of the small paper tubes were replaced with round toothpicks (much easier and a lot stronger). Weight and magnets were added to feet to make it more stable and free standing. I used a piece of florist wire for the top hand rail. One of the cool things about these models is the final finish is done when they come off the printer, and if you mess up a part, just print a new one- great for younger modelers. A couple of construction techniques that I found helpful: Anywhere there is exposed white, i.e. the back side and cut edges of the printed patterns; I used a black Sharpie ink pen to color. This helps to "erase" the appearance of paper. Where there are intricate single sheet paper details that are otherwise flimsy, I added a coating of superglue. This turns regular card stock into a strong composite material. I also use high quality wood glue for all of the basic construction. Tite-Bond II dries twice as fast and is twice as strong as Elmer’s or other white glues.

Photo: Chicken Feet

Photo: Rear from above

Free Download: Sheet 1

Free Download: Sheet 2

Free Download: Sheet 3

Link: Instructions, Stand, and original designs at SF Papercraft

Link: Free AT-AT Paper Model

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