The Falcon - 1/168th Scale, SOLD! - $51.00

This is a 1/168th scale, scratch built Millennium Falcon that was constructed primarily out of Evergreen plastic. The original intent was to complete it as a small but accurate replica, but I later discovered that the blueprints were not true to the original filming model, so I then covered with detail printed laminate sheets from a paper model exterior. The engine "grill" was drawn in AutoCAD and air brushed Photoshop. The lighting is a single 4.8V bulb, with two 30 mil fiber optic strands run to the docking mandibles. The equipment bays are all fully detailed. The model measures 9 inches (23cm) in length and also has a power supply and switch with the display stand. A very nice desktop display piece.

Photo: Port Side

Photo: Desktop shot

Photo: Cockpit Detail

Photo: Engine Lighting

Photo: Forward Lighting

Photo: Engine Detail

Photo: Bottom

Photo: Top

Photo: Desktop shot, different angle

Photo: Under construction

Photo: "Flat top" landing

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