A Bird-O-Prey - SOLD! - $48.00

Here's another quicky project out of AMT's Three Piece Adversary Set that I completed several years back. After working on it, I noticed a lot of "holes", or places where they didn't do a very good job filling in gaps, especially with the wings in attack configuration. With the wings glued in landing mode...not a problem, but I wanted mine to be able to move, so I added a few pieces of thin Evergreen here and there. The photo with the wings in landing mode was actually taken up side down with the model just laying on its top. The photo with the wings in cruise configuration has an interesting story behind it. It was actually one of the first pictures taken after the model was finished back in the early 1990's. The gaseous anomaly that I named "The Butterfly Nebula" is really an old poster of the Batmobile. I took a magic marker to all of the highlights intending to have a black backdrop with holes poked in it for stars. It also has a custom oak stand. Another nice desktop display.

Photo: Landing Mode

Photo: Attack Mode

Photo: On Display Stand

Photo: Cruise Mode

Photo: A Little Fun

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