1/288th Scale Nebulon-B Frigate, Flight II

This is a large scale model similar to the Medical Frigate seen at the end of Star Wars Episode V, and again in Episode VI. I call this ship the Flight II version, as it has an elongated forward hull to accommodate the flight deck and a slightly larger engineering section. I started this project in early 2001, and it remained undisturbed up until recently. Itís a tough model, surviving multiple moves. I started with an old drafting T-square, laminated wood, Plexi-glass and polystyrene plastic to form the spine. The engine module is sheet styrene over a wood frame and forward super structure is made from a combination of wood, plastic and kit bashed parts that I have accumulated over the years. I decided to take some artistic license for kit parts. Besides, itís a lot easier and more fun to build freestyle. The model measures 43-1/2" (110.5cm) in length by 10 3/4" (27.5cm) in width. I added a complement of fighters to the flight deck...

The X-wings are out of the MPC Hoth set. I used sprue and white putty to fill in the gaps between the engines in the rear. I replaced the single plastic gun spire with .032 inch safety wire, and added sheet styrene "dishes". The landing gear are scratch built with electrical contact pins and plastic. The decals are a 1/4 sized copy of the Fine Molds 1/72nd scale X-Wing markings.

After several primer coats to eliminate the light leaks, a light grey base coat was applied. The several colors colors were used on individual panels and details. Then both acrylic and enamel washes were used for the initial weathering, followed by pencil for some added panel lines. Pastel chalk was then used for streaking, enhancing the panel lines, blurring any wash lines, and color tinting the various hull sections. Acrylic flat clear was then applied in sections to the entire model.

Photo: From the Archives

Photo: Preliminary Arrangement

Photo: Early shot

Photo: From astern

Photo: Bow on

Photo: Starboard, overall

Photo: Starboard bow

Photo: Port bow details

Photo: X-Wings, unmodified

Photo: Flight deck, unpainted

Photo: Flight deck, finished

Photo: X-Wings, modified

Photo: Red 2, 3 & 5 in hangar

Photo: Main hull taking shape

Photo: Adding greeblies

Photo: Engineering section

Photo: Forward hull

Photo: Zhopa!

Photo: Hangar ceiling

Photo: Installed and lit

Photo: Forward hull, lighting test

Photo: Opposite side

Photo: Final lighting test

Photo: Opposite side

Photo: All major panels installed

Photo: Installing PE parts

Photo: More panels and greeblies

Photo: Still more greeblies

Photo: Starting engine top

Photo: Engineering section, top complete

Photo: Starting comm spires

Photo: Comm spires finished

Photo: Opposite side

Photo: Forward hull details

Photo: Again, opposite side

Photo: Nose greeblies

Photo: Zhopitchka, base coat applied

Photo: Construction 100% complete!

Photo: Window masks applied

Photo: First base coat, white

Photo: Primer coat, gray

Photo: Primer coat, red oxide

Photo: White cover coat

Photo: Base color, light gray

Photo: Panel painting complete

Photo: Initial washes complete

Photo: WIndow masks removed, lighting test

Photo: Port side, overall

Photo: Closer shot, forward

Photo: Again, aft section

Photo: Engineering section, top

Photo: Forward section close up

Photo: Again, port side

Photo: Starboard side, overall

Photo: Closer, aft section

Photo: Forward section

Photo: Hangar bay

Photo: Again, different angle

Photo: Engines, lit

Photo: Port side, against dark background

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