1/4222nd Scale Imperial Star Destroyer - SOLD! - $525.00

This is my heavily modified and fully lighted Star Destroyer from the MPC release. Most of you who are familiar with the short comings of this kit know the extent of the modifications needed to make it remotely accurate. The side/edge details were completely replaced with scratch-built ones. The launch/recovery bay was deepened a tad, and the deflector generator towers were also replaced with scratch-built ones. There are over 500, 10 mil fiber optic strands installed which all run to a central lighting box. The engine lighting was done with 7 white LEDs which have a natural bluish tint. The model was originally painted white, but after getting a look at Starship Modelerís reference photos, I decided it needed to be redone. I used both acrylic and thin enamel washes to get the desired effect. I can see why ILM had to weather the filming model so much. As bright as the lights needed to be on the hull to prevent star field bleed through (back in the day of blue screen matting), without heavily weathering the model, most of the detail is lost. I originally listed this model on eBay, but the reserve was not met. It later ended up selling for $525.00 (USD), and was actually my first model to sell off-auction. For some earlier pictures, see my Starship Modeler submission.

Photo: Classic Shot

Photo: Above from Astern

Photo: Port Bow Angle

Photo: Below from Astern

Photo: Top Desktop

Photo: Port Desktop

Photo: Stern Desktop

Photo: Bridge from Above

Photo: Port Side

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