(NOTE: disregard the polygon shapes and form cylinders for all guns and engine tubes)

Use these parts to make cylinders. Disregard part number 7 and use the facing rings if desired. I also made domes out of polyclay, cut and superglued them in place
Make 4 cylinders as shown.
Make 4 wing assemblies as shown.
Attach engines, and keep track of which one is which!
Assemble the hinge parts as shown.
The center box should move freely.
Assemble the fuselage as shown.
Leave the aft section separate for now.
Disregard parts 25 and 28 or use them to reinforce the fuselage hinge support.
Assemble nose, canopy and droid as shown.
Assemble aft section with hinge as shown. Lots of added reinforcing in this area is a really good idea.
Attach wings as shown. (I used hot glue.)
Attach forward fuselage as shown.
Attach canopy and R2 unit as shown.
Attach nose piece as shown.
Assemble guns. I used straws and wire instead of parts 37 and 38 for stronger spires.
Add mounts and aft parts as shown.
Attach guns to wings as shown.
I used super glue to reinforce the dishes.
Assemble engines as shown.
Add forward parts as shown.
Attach engines as shown.
I found it helpful to set the ship on its nozzles and let it finish drying in this position to keep the engines straight.
Add aft details. See my completed model for a guide.
The completed weathered version.

Thanks to the folks at Papergrade by Zen for the original designs.