Incom T-65 X-Wing Fighter - SOLD! - $77.00

This is a paper/scratch built and redesigned T-65 X-Wing Fighter originally obtained from a website which I think is still offering the patterns for free. The original designs were colored but not weathered and all of the cylindrical parts like the guns and engines were shown as octagonal in the instructions. I did some redesign and weathering in AutoCAD and Photoshop. I used thick florist wire and plastic straws for the gun spires. The model is large, measuring 13.6 inches (34.5cm) in length. The model also has a custom stand. A very nice desktop display piece.

Photo: Classic Shot

Photo: Bottom View

Photo: Top View

Photo: Head On

Photo: Engine Detail

Photo: Desktop Attack Mode

Photo: Desktop Cruise Mode

Link: Free Paper Model

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